Track Title: The Killing Moon

Artist: Echo And The Bunnymen

Album: Ocean Rain

The Killing Moon | Echo and the Bunnymen


  Lizzie felt sorry for Caleb a bit; he sounded like he hadn’t been with the “cool kids” that many times in his life. That made the blonde sad, especially because she believed that Caleb was a really nice guy; a gentleman. She liked him. “I never really understood why people aren’t nice. I mean, they should be. People are designed to be nice. I like being nice. But nope. Superman.” 

  She just shrugged and wrinkled her nose, imitating Samantha from Bewitched before looking at Caleb and smiling gently.

  “Otherwise they’ll end up like the people from CSI.” His smile expanded into a grin as he mentioned what she had talked about earlier. “You’re wrong. Iron Man is better.” Caleb nodded towards the comic book in her hand. “You can have all of the Superman ones if you want. His story makes no sense to me.” 

 Caleb looked away from the Pegasus then at Lizzie again, returning the smile before laughing slightly as he noticed his belt over her shoulder. “You’ll have to give me that back later, that’s one of the only belts I have.”


“That happened to me too, once. In a party. It was bad, though, ‘cause I was wearing a white dress and it got stuck to my body and everyone stared. I think he did it on purpose. Do you?” Lizzie looked up at Caleb and smiled, giggling at the Pegasus the minute after. Most people would think Lizzie was trying to make him uncomfortable, but she wasn’t - Lizzie was just that naive.

She had a problem with seeing people’s true intentions, specially when they weren’t nice ones.

"I thought I was going to have a fun night with the cool kids." He blinked and nodded in response. "Most probably. Some people aren’t very nice..and probably won’t let you win the argument of who is better superhero. Everyone knows Iron Man is greater." Caleb smiled at her quickly before looking back at the Pegasus, petting his head softly. "What’s your second favourite animal?"


Lizzie walked towards a Pegasus and smiled brightly, petting it slowly and poking its forehead gently. She’d always loved horses, it was just one of those things that she had carried with her since she was little. Her father took her horseback riding one when she was four, and since that, the blonde girl had never lost her love for those animals. But a Pegasus… that was a whole new thing.

  “It’s a silly story. When I was like six, I asked my daddy for a unicorn and he bought me a horse, tied an empty toilet paper tube to its head and said that he had managed to fulfill my wish. It was my birthday and I was really happy but then the tube fell and… let’s just say that I cried enough to fill a pool. That’s when I realised that unicorns weren’t real.” She nodded and shrugged.

  Caleb listened to her story about the disguised horse, patting the Pegasus’ head softly. “I got pushed into a pool once.” He shook his head, trying to stop the memory of that day. The kids at his old school weren’t the nicest of kids especially to kids who were different to them. “It wasn’t the best day of my life.”

 His lips curved into a small smile as he quickly looked up from the Pegasus and at Lizzie. He’d tried to avoid looking at her too much, she was beautiful and that would probably make him act like more of an awkward idiot than he already was.